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The Khanenko Museum's programs include different kinds of formats. The programs are constantly reviewed and improved according to audiences’ changing needs and feedback, museum innovations, new ideas in pedagogy, psychology, art therapy and etc.

The museum offers a wide variety of guided tours and scheduled programs: with either flexible or pre-planned script, in more participative or more traditional formats, and with different focus topics.

The museum's audience include people of various aesthetic preferences, cultural points of interest and needs. Museum experts are open for discussions on educational projects and thematic events, for cooperation and partnership.

If you would like to share your impressions on the event or a program you have visited or in case you have any suggestions, please take a minute and leave a comment below:

Each visit to the Khanenko Museum is a start of a person’s new interaction with art, museum and other people. Visitors can choose the program from a wide range of options according to her or his own interests.

Special attention is given to programs for visitors with cognitive and sensory disabilities. Research data prove the fact of beneficial influence of art contemplation and art making on the development of one’s brain functions and psychological condition. This idea lays in the basis of our methodologies: interaction with art reduces anxiety, fosters relaxation and positive mood.

For more information, please contact museum administrators:

“European Art of the 14th-18th centuries and the Earliest Byzantine Icons” exhibition

Iryna Denisova, +380 44 235 32 90

“Asian Art” permanent exhibition

Yuliia Holovach, +380 44 288 14 50

Or use the “Submit Request” button.

Voices of Ages Concert Tour

This unique program was created by the Khanenko museum’s educators in partnership with the Blagovest Soloist Ensemble. During each episode great historical epochs (Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque, Rococo and etc) open to visitors their boundless visual and musical dimensions.

Moving from one hall of the gorgeous Khanenkos’ mansion to another visitors enjoy a capella and orchestra performances combined with refined art historical interludes by a museum guide.

The program schedules 3 concert tours throughout the year, each episode offering special focused program.

To get updated info on the 2019-2020 Voices of Ages schedule and focus themes, please call our museum administrators: +380 44 235 32 90.

  • Category: students, adults

  • Group size:15

  • Lessons count : 1

  • When : Sunday, 6 p.m.

  • Duration: 80

  • Contact Phone: +380 44 235 32 90

  • Guide: Oksana Oliinyk

UAH 400

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Concerts in the Khanenkos’ mansion

Concerts of classical European and traditional Asian music are held on a regular basis (usually once a month) in the Khanenkos’ mansion or, in summertime, in the museum courtyard.

The Khanenko Museum boasts of long and fruitful partnership with Ukrainian most famous and virtuoso musicians and ensembles, laureates of international competitions and festivals.

Please follow up-to-date announcements on Events.

Tickets for the upcoming concert can be purchased at the cashiers’ desk during the museum working hours.

To learn more or to book tickets please call our museum administrator Olexandr Zhuk:

+380 44 235 32 90

Or use the “Submit Request”

Program schedules and topics need to be specified by administrators
  • Category: children, students, adults

  • Group size:82 seats

  • Lessons count : 1

  • When : Every second and forth Sunday, 5 p.m.

  • Duration: 90

  • Contact Phone: +380 44 235 32 90

  • Guide: Andriy Onyshchuk

UAH 200 or 300

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Photo. The presenter stands opposite to the participants, who are sitting on the benches. The tour guide is listening attentively to the visitors’ questions
Photo. The participants sitting at a table in the middle of a museum hall

The Museum Brings Together

The Museum Brings Together

The Museum Brings Together is a course of 5 art therapy group sessions, held in the museum exhibition premises on the exhibition days off (Monday and Tuesday). The program is aimed at the development of individual support networks for young people with intellectual disabilities.

The museum possesses huge art therapeutic resource for positive and enhancing personal and group experience of art contemplation, communication on artworks and creative practice. Thus key components of each session are: group contemplation artworks and discussion of impressions leading to free conversation on various important human life topics.

A group can attend all 5 sessions according to the plan approved by the museum. Yet it is also possible to arrange only 1 or 2 sessions (a month or a year) and continue visiting museum when it is suitable.

Excursion for people with disabilities
  • Category: teens, youth

  • Group size:15

  • Lessons count : 5

  • When : By agreement with curator

  • Duration: 45

  • Contact Phone: +380 44 235 32 90

  • Guide: Hanna Rudyck

Museum lectorium

The program “Lectures at the Khanenko Museum” is addressed to a wide audience of people interested in deepening their artistic knowledge, and live communication with experts on various topics related to the Khanenko Museum (including topics on cultural history, world art history, history of the museum and its collection).

When? Every last Saturday of the month at 16.00. Who is on the stand? Professional researchers who are inspired through studying the Khanenko museum’s collection. They will talk about culture, history, and art, based on the examples of artifacts they research. Each month there is a new curator and a new topic of the lecture. Everything is authentic, but exciting, like in an adventure movie. Treasures are all around us.

  • Category: adults

  • Group size:20

  • Lessons count : 12

  • When : 16:00

  • Duration: 90

  • Contact Phone: +380 44 235 32 90

  • Guides: museum curators

UAH 150

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Guided tour in English

We invite you to the guided tour around the Khanenkos’ historical mansion to experience the exquisite atmosphere and to see the European and Byzantine art collections.

Registration is required!

By phone +380 44 235 32 90

  • Group size:

  • When : 12:00

  • Duration: 1

  • Contact Phone: +380 44 235 32 90

  • Guide: Marharyta Stafiichuk