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The Khanenko Museum's programs include different kind of events. They are created and improved according to audience desires, innovations in museums studies, culture, pedagogy, psychology etc.

The museum offers a wide variety of guided tours and programs: with either flexible or pre-planned script, more intimate or more formal events, with different focus topics.

The museum's audience is comprised of people of different aesthetic preferences, cultural points of interest and needs.

Museum experts are open for discussions on educational projects and thematic events, for cooperation and partnership.

If you would like to share your impressions of the event you have visited or have suggestions, please take a minute and leave a comment below:

Examine, explore and experience with your loved ones the largest world art collection in Ukraine.

To find out more about forthcoming programs and up-to-date quests we advise you to contact our administration.

For more information, please contact museum administrators:

“European Art of the 14th-18th centuries and the Earliest Byzantine Icons” exhibition

Iryna Denisova, +380 44 235 32 90

“Asian Art” permanent exhibition

Yuliia Holovach, +380 44 288 14 50

Or use the “Submit Request” button.

Image. Fragment of the program poster with title and short description.
Photo. A woman is holding an infant in front of the wooden sculpture in the Chinese Art Hall.
Photo. A group of parents whose children are playing on the carpet.

Cultural Decree for parents with babies

Guided tours of permanent and temporary exhibitions for parents and their toddlers. Adults have an opportunity to perceive in-depth information about hall interior and museum objects while children are playing in special area in the center of the room.

Extra facilities:

· 2 baby changing tables in the wardrobes of both expositions: The European Art and the early Byzantine icons (building №15) and The Asian Art (building №17)

· arch entrance for baby carriages into the museum yard (opened in summer)

· parking for baby carriages in the spacious and protected museum yard (available in summer)

  • Category: adults with kids 0-3 y.o.

  • Group size:15

  • Lessons count : 1

  • When : Second Thursday, 11 p.m.

  • Duration: 90

  • Contact Phone: +380 44 235 32 90

  • Guides: museum curators

150 UAH

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Афіша до музейних квестів: праворуч фото усміхненої дівчинки, яка тримає в руках кілька аркушів квестів. Ліворуч логотип музею, назва квесту,  вартість 15 грн
Сторінка музейного квесту "Мистецтво Азії", яка містить кілька запитань, фото експонатів.
Сторінка музейного квесту "Мистецтво Азії", яка містить запитання, фото експонатів.
Сторінка музейного квесту "Мистецтво Європи", яка містить запитання, фото експонатів, розмальовку.
Сторінка музейного квесту "Мистецтво Європи", яка містить мапу, запитання, розмальовку, фото експонатів.
Photo. A girl is solving a quest tasks in front of the canvas.
Photo. A boy is showing a woman an exhibit in a showcase in the hall of Islamic art.

Quests "Museum Seekers"

Grab a copy of playbook from our ticket office and get ready to hunt the mysteries! No doubt, you can figure them out!

What is “Museum Seekers”? It is a motivational game which consists of several simple questions aimed at getting you acquainted with works of art. “Museum Seekers” requires mindfulness and observation, as well as the ability to recognize details and notice hidden symbols.

Quests are available in the following topics: "Wonders and Monsters”, "Animals and Birds”, “The Art of Asia”.

  • Category: children

  • Group size:15

  • Lessons count : 1

  • When : 10:30-17:00

  • Duration: 60

  • Contact Phone: +380 44 235 32 90

  • Guide: Kateryna Hotsalo

On a blue background in the lower right corner is a Chinese baby boy about two years old, dressing a up cat tiger costume. The boy fastens the suit by tying a ribbon around the cat's back. On

Murrseum (Museum ABC for preschoolers)

Museum course of 8 lessons dedicated to the museum and art. An adaptation of a basic Museum ABC program for preschoolers. Families (including 1 child aged 5-6 y.o. and 1 adult) are invited to participate.

During the course, each family will get acquainted with the Khanenko Museum, it’s amazing history and exquisite buildings, with the most interesting works and the most important rules. Each lesson will include a walk through the museum with fun adventures, games and creative tasks.

  • Category: children, 5-6 y.o. with adults

  • Group size:16 (8 families)

  • Lessons count : 8

  • When : Every Saturday, 11 a.m.

  • Duration: 60

  • Contact Phone: +380 44 288 14 50

  • Guide: Andriy Onyshchuk

1200 uah

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Image. Fragment of the program poster with title and short description


The word “khane” means “workshop” in Persian. Museumkhane is a museum workshop for kids and young adults with learning and communication difficulties, their friends and family members. Children and young people with Autism spectrum disorders (ASD) and Down syndrome are invited to join in.

Each workshop has its own theme that participants explore in the museum rooms and an art studio. The program offers a multi-sensory experience of interacting with art and people in the unique friendly atmosphere of the Khanenko Museum.

The author and host of the program is Hanna Rudyck, the museum’s deputy director. The workshop was created in close collaboration with the ergotherapist Olena Kosheleva (NPO “Family of Success”).

Workshops take place at 14:00 on the last Sunday of every month.

Registration by phone is needed
Program schedules and topics need to be specified by administrators
Excursion for people with disabilities
  • Category: children, adults

  • Group size:5-6 families

  • Lessons count : 5

  • When : Sunday, 2 p.m.

  • Duration: 90

  • Contact Phone: +380 44 235 32 90

  • Guide: Hanna Rudyck

Flexible price, agreed with curator

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